Redaktionsbrev nr 9.en 2012

Danderyd 2012-09-27

We are now approaching Electronica, 13 – 16 November in Munich, the big fair that attracts many visitors from Nordic countries. In issue 9 of Elektronik i Norden, we will have a pre-presentation of news coming up at the show.

In issue 9 one of the two feature section will focus on how to handle EMC/EMI/ESD. The subjects will cover subjects from measuring noise with a spectrum analyser, handling noise from a DC/DC-converter to how criminals are interfering with electronic equipment an in what ways this could affect our society.

Gunnar Lilliesköld takes response of this feature section. You can e-mail him on or call +46 70 522 55 11.

The other feature section in Electronik i Norden issue 9 is about Component Distribution
, it will be covered by Göte, +46 8 715 72 19. He sees a continuous development of the roll the distributors have. Some of them are pushing hard for customer technical support, accompanied by free CAD software and a lot of 3D models. Others are concentrating on logistics, a broad line card and fast delivery. Now you will find everything from traditional distributors to dealers and global catalogue distributers.

Best regards
Gunnar Lilliekold
Editor-in-chief, publisher

And, if you would like to advertise contact Tommy Jägermo at or call +46 8 540 865 12

Important dates: Elektronik i Norden, issue 9;
Publishing date; October 26       
Advertising copy; October 8

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