Redaktionsbrev no 1 2010

Danderyd 2010-01-08

Dear Danish advertiser and editorial contacts, this is the first 2010 editorial and marketing letter explaining the feature in issue 1.

In Elektronik i Norden 2010 there will be two new sections:
* A RF & Microwave section will cover advanced radio- and communication technology. Gunnar Lilliesköld will be responsible for this section. You may contact him on or call him at +46 8 622 55 11.
* The old software section for technical software will now be expanded to a regularly one for Embedded, covering both soft- and hardware. Göte Fagerfjäll will be responsible. You may contact him at +46 8 715 72 19 or Besides this, Jan Zettergren will continue with his Linux column.

In issue # 1, 2010 we will also have two feature sections.
One of them will cover Analog technology, focusing on op-amps, A/D and D/A-devices and also other special devices, e g for medical applications. You may discus this with Gunnar Lilliesköld, at +46 8 622 55 11, The other feature section covers Board systems. Small, cheap x86-based boards continues to dominate the embedded market and ATCA and µTCA will go into the market for telecom. We are also seeing a revival for VME in a new, shaped form. Open VPX may be a dark horse, Göte Fagerfjäll thinks. He will take care of this feature section. Call him at +46 8 715 72 19 or email him on

From the Advertising department:
To be seen in Scandinavia's largest electronics Journal, Elektronik I Norden, at home page or in the weekly newsletter now when the recession turns is probably the best way to get started selling in 2010. We have previously, through our Danish representative Mogens Fogh, sent you our English Media Kit with features and ad prices. You can also read more about the digital possibilities on our web and in our weekly newsletter. You can read about this year's all print features in EiN and have the 2010 ad rates. Since we have not yet reached all of you for talking about the 2010 advertising, we offer the specified pre-booking discount of 8 % to be valid until January 31. We hope to be able to offer you an interesting advertising package 2010 and look forward to your inquiry. You can contact me direct, or our Danish representative, Mogens Fogh.


Best regards
Tommy Jagermo
Advertising Director
+46 8 540 865 12

Danish representative:
Mogens Fogh
+45 56 87 06 90

Issue  Copy date  Publ. date
EiN nr 1   2010-11/1  010-29/1
EiN nr 2  2010-8/2  2010-26/2

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