Redaktionsbrev nr 8.en 2012

Danderyd, September 5, 2012

Elektronik i Norden 8 + EmbeddedSpecial

Embedded Conference Scandinavia is getting closer. Mark the dates 2-3 October for the conference and the evening of 2 October for the Embedded Dinner Party and the announcement of the winners of Swedish Embedded Award. This year we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Swedish Embedded Award. The conference is held in Victoriahallen at Stockholmsmässan in Älvsjö, Stockholm.

Together with the conference, exhibition and the prize we distribute a separate paper, the Embedded Special. The Embedded Special is also distributed as section three of Elektronik i Norden 8 (in Sweden only). I'm responsible for Embedded Special and you can reach me on email: or phone +46 8 715 72 19.

In Elektronik i Norden 8 we also have two technical specials: Microwave/RF/Mobile telephony and EMS Manufacturing.

In Microwave/RF/Mobile telephony we take a look at the demands when developing multimode phones for standards like GSM/WCDMA/LTE/LTE+ and also Bluetooth/WLAN. Gunnar Lilliesköld is in charge of the Microwave/RF/Mobile telephony feature. You can reach him on email: or phone +46 8 622 55 11.

In EMS Manufacturing you have to consider many different factors. Price, speed, quality and flexibility are a few of them. I'm responsible for the EMS manufacturing special. You can reach me on email: or phone +46 8 715 72 19.

In Elektronik i Norden 8 we also present our annual survey of EMS Manufacturers in the Nordic region.

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Important dates: Elektronik i Norden, issue 8;
Publishing date; September 28        
Advertising copy; September 10 (drop dead September 17)

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