Redaktionsbrev nr 5.en 2012

Danderyd 2012-04-23 Summer is approaching and before the Nordic industry goes for a summer break Elektronik i Norden will publish two issues that could be worth planning for.

Elektronik i Norden, issue 5, will include a feature section for RF and microwave. Some examples of articles in the section will be about a complete new type of network analyzer, about how to calibrate the network analyzer in an effective way and how to design RF-power pre-distorted amplifiers with help of modern EDA tools. If you have more ideas to contribute, please contact me at +46 8 622 55 11 or e-mail to

Issue 5 will also have a feature section of Connectors, Electro mechanics, Cables and Passive components. Miniaturization and integration are the key ingredients. You may contact Göte Fagerfjäll on +46 8 715 72 19, or mail to

For issue 6 of Elektronik i Norden we can already say that we will have a section for power semiconductors (contact me, and also a section for the Military, Ruggedized electronics (contact

Later on we will describe the contents more in detail.

Best regards

Gunnar Lilliesköld

Don’t forget talking Advertising with Tommy Jagermo our Advertising Director, or call him at +46 8 540 865 12

Important dates:
Issue 5, publishing day 18/5     Copy 30/4
Issue 6, publishing day 15/6     Copy 28/5

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