Redaktionsbrev nr 10.en 2012

Danderyd October 26, 2012

The days are getting colder and the grass is covered with a thin layer of snow. But we can always look forward to a few days in sunny Munich. Electronica is only a couple of weeks away and in Elektronik i Norden 10 you can follow what is happening at the biggest electronics show in Europe.

In Elektronik i Norden 10 we also have two technical specials: "Microcontrollers" and "PCB and substrates/Micro modules".

Microcontrollers continues to develop in many different directions. Shrinking geometries makes it possible to integrate amazing amounts of logic and memory in one chip. At the same time it is not easy to combine fine geometry, analogue performance and low energy consumption. Nothing is quite as simple as it seems. We will take a look at areas such as MCUs with ARM cores, MCUs with FPGA and microcontrollers with extremely low energy consumption. I'm responsible for the microcontroller special and you can reach me on email: or phone +46 8 715 72 19.

Designing printed circuit boards
(PCB) always involves a lot of considerations and with higher frequencies the number of potential problems is bigger than ever. Today there is certainly a need for competent CAD programs, but the spread in terms of cost is huge. So how much do we need to pay for our CAD programs to get enough performance? And how do you find the correct materials and the manufacturer with the best balance between cost and quality. Gunnar Lilliesköld is in charge of the PCB/MEMS special and you can reach him on email: or phone +46 8 622 55 11.

In Elektronik i Norden 10 we also present our annual survey of suppliers of PCBs in the Nordic area. Contact Anette Hammarström for participating if you not already have got form for updating,, +46 8 445 20 71

Göte Fagerfjäll

And, if you would like to advertise contact Tommy Jägermo at or call +46 8 540 865 12

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Elektronik i Norden, issue 10;
Publishing date; November 16   
Advertising copy; October 29

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