Redaktionsbrev nr 03 en 2013

Saltsjö-Boo March 2013

We continue refining the web site and I hope you will find the new way how we presenting news, economy, technology and education every time you look at the page.

It's time again for two new technical features: Microprocessors and Measurement technology.

Microprocessors are getting more powerful and at the same time more power efficient. Not too many years ago increasing power consumption seemed to put an end to performance increase, but lots of small steps has lead to impressive results. Today energy efficiency is probably the most important parameter in microprocessor design.

We continue looking at the ARM developments, but of course also other microprocessor trends. I'm responsible for the microprocessor special and you can reach me on email: or call +46 8 715 72 19.

"To measure is to know" is a saying that has been used many, many times. But it is still valid. You also have to know with what you are measuring and how the measurement is done. When is it better to use a sampling oscilloscope and when should you use a real time oscilloscope? Does a "high resolution" oscilloscope always give the resolution you need?
In the Measurement technology feature we will also take a look at the gigantic amounts of data that can be generated. Gunnar Lilliesköld is in charge of the measurement technology feature block. You can reach him on email: or call +46 8 622 55 11.

In this month you will also find our comprehensive survey of Nordic suppliers of Measurement instruments.

If you not have got the form to fill in, contact Anette Hammarsrom, or call +46 8 445 20 71.

As usual we update the Radio special and the Embedded special blocks every month. Contact Gunnar Lilliesköld, or call +46 8 622 55 11, if you want to participate in the Radio special or me, or call  +46 8 715 72 19, if you want to participate in the Embedded special.

All new technical articles are available for the readers online in "real" web format, where everything is readable from any type of computer or intelligent device. Old articles are available in PDF format, but we are also converting them to "normal" format. Almost all of last year's technical articles are already converted and we will continue a few years more. In this way our big library of technical articles will be much more readily available than before.

Göte Fagerfjäll

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