Redaktionsbrev nr 01 en 2013

Saltsjö-Boo February 2013

A lot is accomplished, but there are still things to do. Most of what used to be available only in print format is now accessible on the web and we aim to have everything from the paper magazine on the web.

The biggest change was moving Section two “TEKNIK” from Elektronik i Norden to the web. You now find the technical feature articles and the technical specials in the left column of the front page. Everything continues just like before.

At February 28 we switch feature focus to Displays and Optocommunications and EDA. In optocommunications we take a look at a specific application where multi-diciplinary engineering has resulted in very successful products for the world market. But we also look at more down-to earth applications, like how to power LEDs in an efficient way.
Gunnar Lilliesköld is in charge of the Displays and Optocommunications features. You can reach him on email: or phone +46 8 622 55 11.

EDA continues to develop in different directions. We see ever more advanced tools for ASIC and SoC engineering, where the design and verification times must be kept down in order to allow for the growing designs. But we also see tools for FPGA based design, where the boarders between traditional EDA and embedded tools are erased.
I'm responsible for the EDA special. You can reach me on email: or phone +46 8 715 72 19.

As usual we update the two recurrent; Radio special and the Embedded special every month. Contact Gunnar Lilliesköld ( or phone +46 8 622 55 11) if you want to participate in the Radio special or me ( or phone +46 8 715 72 19) if you want to participate in the Embedded special.

All new technical articles are available in "real" web format, where everything is readable from any type of computer or intelligent device. Old articles are available in PDF format, but we are also converting them to "normal" format. Almost all of last year's technical articles are already converted and we will continue a few years more. In this way our big library of technical articles will be much more readily available than before.

Do not forget to participate in the comprehensive survey of Nordic electronic design consultants.
If you have not received an update email from us, follow the link to
for a new registration. Contact Annette Hammarström
at +46 8 445 20 71 or if you have any questions.

Göte Fagerfjäll

Also, do not forget to talk online advertising with Tommy Jägermo,, +46 8 540 865 12 or Kim Edenbro,, +46 8 511 766 55. The new 2013 brochure is on the site, click here. There are now new opportunities to be seen on the website, and do not forget the Newsletter, now twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. We look forward to guiding you to a better visibility now that "EiN goes web!"

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