Redaktionsbrev nr 06 en 2013

We need your input on Power Semiconductors and Military/Rugged electronics!

The summer holidays are getting closer, but first it is time for two new technical feature: Power Semiconductors and Military/Rugged electronics. You are welcome to give comments, ideas on articles or complete articles.

The Power Semiconductor feature is to a high degree based on the presentations from the Silicon-Carbide Conference, held by Acreo together with Yole Développement, Swerea Kimab and Enterprise Europe network. The technology is mature and we see lots of applications using SiC in power converters, hybrid cars and many other areas. At the same time we mustn't forget the evolution in silicon power semiconductors. In many cases they are still a more economically viable solution. Gunnar Lilliesköld is in charge of the Power Semiconductor feature. You can reach him on email: or phone +46 8 622 55 11.

Military/Rugged electronics
is an area that continues to widen. On one side we see rugged commercial products, where the volumes are huge and the price level needs to be almost as low as "normal". On the other side we see extremely demanding space products, where the designers still wants to make use of the most advanced commercial products.

This time we will take a closer look on rugged VPX-cards and different types of connections and enclosures. But there is still room for other angles. I'm responsible for the Military/Rugged feature and you can reach me on email: or phone +46 8 715 72 19.

As usual we update the features on Radio Technology and Embedded Technology every month. Contact Gunnar Lilliesköld, or phone +46 8 622 55 11, if you want to participate in the RF feature, or me, or phone +46 8 715 72 19, if you want to participate in the embedded feature.

The new features will go live at June 20

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